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Services Operations

Our Services Operations provide fast, efficient, and quality jobs by focusing on projects that can be completed in 15 days or less.

Experience the Camp Difference

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Camp is proud to be among the most knowledgeable and dependable in the industry. We offer decades of experience serving the multi-family industry and are proud members of our local Apartment Associations

Our Services Operations

Need work completed fast? Partner With Camp Construction For A Range Of Interior And Exterior Projects For Your Apartment Community. At CAMP Construction our goal is to respond to your requests and submit a written proposal within 72 hours of the request. Our Service provides fast, efficient, and quality jobs by focusing on projects that can be completed in 15 days or less.

Interior Services:

Paint • Drywall • Repairs • Plumbing • Electrical • Sub-Floor Repairs • Cabinets • Countertops Replacement • Microbial Growth Treatments • Encapsulation

Exterior Services:

Siding • Gutters • Fascia & Soffit Repairs • Window, and Roof Leak Repairs and Replacement

Remediation & Renovations

Build Back and Upgrades

Property Amenities

Clubhouse • Mailbox Center Replacement • Gym Upgrades • Dog Park • Parking Lots • Carport Repairs


How quickly can you respond and where can you mobilize?

In areas where we are licensed, we are able to mobilize within 4 hours, depending on the project scope.

Does CAMP work with its clients' insurance companies?

Yes, we will work with a client’s insurance company if it is allowed.

Do you conduct Due Diligence walks?

Yes, our team perform due diligence inspections as part of the pre-construction process to assess the condition of your multi-family property before commencing work, ensuring we can meet your vision and budget.

Does CAMP pull necessary permits?

Yes, we understand the proper steps to take to obtain permits for the projects and we undertake them on behalf of our clients to ensure we can complete the work as needed.

Does CAMP handle project inspections?

Yes, we handle city inspections, including structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing inspections, as well third party engineering and permit pulled inspections.

Is there a way we can track progress on a project?

Yes, we pride ourselves on communication and transparency for all projects with production boards updated by superintendents.

Can I get updates on units in production?

Yes, we utilize Microsoft Teams, which has a “live” production board and serves as our main line of communication with the customer and everyone involved.

Does CAMP have supervision on site?

Yes, a superintendent will be present at each job site to oversee operations and ensure your project runs smoothly.

Does CAMP perform its own estimating?

Yes, CAMP performs its own estimating, which we consider one of the most important components in the construction process.

"I have worked with Camp Construction for many years. They are an approved vendor of my company. Camp Construction is great with roofing, exterior repairs, renovations of interiors. They are also wonderful in times of tragedy. Having experienced many fires, natural disasters they are always ready and take the lead in reacting correctly and quickly to your needs. They  pull the correct permits and stay with you from dealing with adjusters, to removing items from units not save for the resident to get through completion. Camp is just a company that does the right thing when no one else is looking. I look forward to future projects and value the work done by them in the past.”

Lori Lindley
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