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A Leading Construction Company in Denver

Commercial Contractors in Denver

Commercial Construction in Maintenance in Denver

CAMP Facility Services stands as a beacon of excellence among construction companies in Denver. With an illustrious history of delivering top-notch construction and maintenance services, we have earned the trust of clients throughout the Mile High City. Our team's unwavering dedication to quality and a keen understanding of the unique challenges that Denver's construction landscape presents set us apart in the industry. Whether it's crafting innovative office spaces, enhancing retail environments, or optimizing industrial facilities, CAMP's presence in Denver is marked by a commitment to transforming visions into tangible, enduring structures.

Denver Commercial Services

From expert commercial construction to meticulous facility maintenance, our dedicated team is poised to elevate your building to new heights. Explore our comprehensive range of services and experience a level of excellence that sets us apart in the Mile High City.


Complete Roofing Services

  • Roof installation

  • Roof repairs

  • Roof inspections

  • Preventative maintenance


Exterior and Interior Renovations

  • Painting, resurfacing, housekeeping, and more for new residents

  • Tenant improvements, drywall installation, trimming

  • Crown molding, cabinet work, countertops

  • Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC

  • Flooring and subflooring

  • Suite alterations

  • Tile repair and replacement

  • Carpet replacement

  • Repair or replacement of siding, windows, and doors

  • Wood replacement, trim and carpentry, painting, masonry, and balconies

  • Carport restoration, fencing, concrete and paving, and metal and ironwork

  • Needs assessment

  • Project management


Facilities Services and Maintenance

  • Epoxy and high-performance coatings

  • Wallcoverings

  • Specialty hardware

  • Building signage

  • Drywall partition relocation

  • Office refreshes

  • Rebranding


Mitigation and Restoration

  • Emergency response

    • Fire damage

    • Water damage

    • Storm damage

  • Complete rebuilds

  • Loss prevention


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