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Case Study:

The Hampstead Apartment Complex Restoration

Project Summary

After a car fire in the parking garage at the Hampstead apartment complex, smoke damage escalated into 36 affected units and plumbing systems. The property needed restoration contractors to help them rebuild, and they called in CAMP to mitigate the damage. With an extensive project scope, a budget of $5 million, and 20 to 40 individuals working at a time, the Hampstead was an 18-month project that perfectly showcased CAMP's strategic ability and talent when it comes to restoration solutions.


  1. Smoke from the fire traveled through the pipes into the units, causing extensive smoke damage that resulted in a dramatic increase in the overall scope of work.

  2. The project timeline was pushed after Hurricane Harvey.

The Initial Steps: Assessing and Exploring the Damage

Allied-Orion Management initially called CAMP as an emergency response team—and CAMP was selected for the job within just a few weeks.Though the fire originated in the parking garage, it wasn't just the parking garage that was damaged. Due to the plumbing lines melting, smoke was able to travel past the pipes and cause smoke damage to most of the units. With this domino-effect destruction, it became impossible to quickly document the damage. The entirety of the property had to be thoroughly assessed to mitigate the damage.

Of course, the parking garage itself had to be restored, as it was where the fire initially originated. Yet it was the damage to the apartment complex itself that proved to be the most extensive. Fortunately, none of the tenants were injured during the apartment fire. All residents were forced to move out since the fire burned all of the plumbing to the building that ran through the garage. Once the complex was cleared, we fenced off the garage area to begin work.

I can’t thank CAMP enough for the outstanding job you did for Milestone. You far exceeded all of our expectations. Your professionalism, work ethic and attention to detail is second to none.
John T. Shaw, Construction Manager, Milestone Management
“Camp stands above the crowd among roofing companies I have worked with. Their people from management to the helpers are professional, courteous, efficient and above all, they really care about the work they do and whom they do it for
Cheri Patureau, Manager, The Crossing Apartments
“Their work is timely, crews are professional, friendly and they communicate effectively. It is a pleasure to work with and recommend them.
Jack Riley, Lead Maintenance Tech, Cambridge Place Apartments
Customer satisfaction is top priority with Camp. They truly go the extra mile to keep you and your residents happy.
Tricia Hubbard, Manager, Brighton Place Apartments

Restoration Response: Getting to Work

While it was obvious a substantial amount of work would need to be done, no one could know how substantial it would truly be until the reconstruction process started. As CAMP began to peel away the layers of damage, new damage was continually uncovered. These new discoveries required further assessment, exploration, and quotation.

But it wasn't just important to get the job done well—it was equally as important to get the job done quickly. With dozens of families displaced by the fire, our team investigated and repaired the damage swiftly. As with any project, there were roadblocks and challenges that needed to be managed, i.e., Hurricane Harvey and unexpected work. As the scope of a project changed, it required our experienced team of restoration contractors to adapt and adjust throughout the entire project.

As units were renovated, multiple layers of the building’s interior had to be replaced: drywall, flooring, insulation, cabinets and countertops, paint, and AC cleaning. When fires occur, a significant amount of the damage is not immediately visible, and it requires extensive recovery right down to the bones of the building. If the entirety of the property isn't recovered at once, there will be recurring problems.

CAMP's skilled specialists and contractors were able to take care of pipes, insulation, and all other critical structural issues. CAMP Construction truly managed and executed this project with intricate detail, layer by layer, providing a restoration solution that exceeded the property's expectations.

What We Accomplished.

Though the scope of the restoration changed considerably from the beginning to the end of the project, CAMP was still able to coordinate dozens of workers at a time and manage a full-scale recovery with a $5 million budget.


After the Recovery: Turning a Nightmare into a Blessing

CAMP was able to ensure that The Hampstead looked good as new so it could move forward with its business goals. Recovering after a major incident goes beyond reconstruction. Once the project was completed, the complex was able to immediately rebrand, recover, and refill their units. By being thorough, getting to the core of each problem, and using our knowledge as experienced restoration contractors, CAMP was able to create a new property, inside and out. Today, The Hampstead is a premier, luxury apartment building in Houston’s Museum District, sought after by many of the city’s residents. Rebranding helped give the complex a feeling of renewal, rather than continuing to carry the burden of the disaster.

If you're interested in speaking to a team member about our restoration solutions or general multi-family construction services, Contact CAMP Construction Today.

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